Home at last

Finally we made it home at 7:30 last night. It was touch and go whether or not we would leave the hospital or stay another night. You see, Lori’s throat was still swollen and she really can’t get much food down as there’s kind of a shelf in the back of her throat. We were told this upfront but don’t want water or food getting into her lungs. Finally around 5pm we decided (after the nurse called one of her docs) that we’d get a dose of steroids, ( to help with the swelling), wait an hour to make sure she was ok, and then hit the road. She does have a small hematoma on her hip as when we took the drains out, the one on her hip was already out just laying there. I’m in charge of all dressing changes (bandages and clothes) so I’ll keep an eye on it. We are going to have to keep her quiet and laying low. I know you all know what I mean as here’s a comment from Annette,

Annette says:

Dixie called yesterday. Thanks for having her do that and we both think keeping Lori from doing to much is going to be your biggest problem. Nows the time to get caught up on all those books she has been meaning to read!

Right you girls are, even our nurse at discharge told her she needed to take it easy because she could see, in her words, “you’re the type whose a go getter and will want to be up doing things”. So, she knows and I told her I’d duct tape her to a chair if I have to. I’m going to bring in one of the big recliners from the other room for her to use for the next few weeks.

Anyhow she’s in pretty good shape but has said several times she didn’t think it was going to be this big of a deal. This of course coming from my girl who didn’t know she was going to have to wear a collar until a few days ago. In any case, the great news is that so far, the headache seems to be way down. It’s early and the jury can be out for up to 6 months but the docs are thrilled with her response so far.


We made it through the night until 4:22am when Lacey the Lab started barking for food or to go out. Her hips are really bad and she can’t really squat anymore to go to the bathroom so this too is becoming a problem. In any case, I’d normally let her bark but with Lori and the boys both needing sleep, I had to get up. So I’m up, gave Lori her medication and am downstairs here at 5:15. My knee has been killing me but no time to think about that as I have lots and lots to do. For the next few weeks, at least, I’m a single dad with 3 kids!

Keep praying and keep your fingers crossed. I’m sure we or she will be calling all of you today. Thanks again for all the good wishes and prayers as they really do help no matter what you think.

Take care and oh yea, Go Bronco’s, God Bless.


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