On Guard

The boys are having a great time at fencing. It’s kind of weird with them gone all day, I guess it’s a preview of what’s to come with school. Yesterday we showed up early to catch them in all their gear and sabers fencing. They’re both pretty good after watching them spar with the other kids. I think their height and all their experience with Star Wars light sabers helps them.

We went to Costco yesterday and bought Lacey a mew memory foam bed for the front room. This way she has one upstairs and downstairs. It’s taking her a little bit to get used to it and she still lies on the floor most of the time but Mojo jumped right in. After Costco and a trip to the grocery store and the shoe repair shop it was time to get the boys.

Physical Therapy was tough, I’m sore all over from the waist down. My quads, hamstrings and glutes are sore sore sore. It’s a good sore though and the only way I’ll get better is to build my muscles back up.

That’s about it, time to get moving. We splurged and bought a new coffee maker so we’re waiting for the filter to soak so we can make our coffee. Have a great day and God Bless.

Here’s a comment from Aunt Robi,

robi says:

I was laughing to myself after I said that – I go to bed at 8:00!

Well rest easy, you’d fit right in as most of these parties are early in the day!

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