Super slow

The website for the blog is super slow this morning, not sure what’s going on. Yesterday the boys had fencing all day and had a blast. After that they did some reading and then watched Star Trek before heading to bed. The youngest and I actually went up early without finishing the movie.

I’m back to PT for my knee at 8:30 this morning and then need to box some wine and head to Fed Ex. We’re not sure what we’re doing this weekend now as the St Regis where we have a certificate for a free suite, is sold out.

It’s nice and cool outside and smells like a skunk! I hope the big dog doesn’t find one. Not a whole lot more going on, it’s almost August which means school will soon start and then my favorite season, Fall, will follow.

That’s it for today, I almost forgot, here’s a comment from Aunt Robi,

robi says:

Sure looks beautiful in Aspen – I wouldn’t mind being rich and all I had to do was party, trust me I could handle it – hehe! Looking good Mr. and Mrs. My furry friend is pushing 15 and has real bad arthritis. I put an aspirin in her morning treat and it works like a miracle. I also think the crazy pup I inherited from Billy keeps her moving and lively!

I know what you mean but party after party does get old, believe it or not. Although if anyone could give it a go, it would be Aunt Robi!

God Bless

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