Really, you were that busy?

Only 1 comment yesterday, from Grandma Annette,

Annette says:

Jean and I sneak in See’s candy but a flask sounds good. A little red wine and candy. thanks for the idea.

Thanks, now where were the rest of you? I know Aunt Robi only reads at work but come on. Your lack of participation is astonishing. We’re expecting a flurry of good comments today as all we can surmise is that you were all out of town and that’s why we had only 1 comment.

We hung out around here in the morning after a quick trip to REI to use our dividend and then Mom took the boys (the oldest, youngest and his friend) to the pool. The oldest went with me on a few errands earlier and then around 3:30 we went to a bbq. Of course the youngest had arranged a playdate at his friends house to get out of going. We made it home a little after 6 and settled in for the upcoming 4 day week.

I mentioned all the things going on yesterday so no need to rehash that. The oldest has inter-murals this morning meaning he’ll go to school at 7, then he has swim practice after school and a baseball game at 7:30 tonight! That’s a busy day for an 11 year old, hopefully he’ll have no homework. The youngest only has swim practice.

Mom will head downtown this morning as she has a full day and after my conference call I have therapy downtown also at 11am. Then an appointment at noon and lots of office work to do too.

Time sure flies when you’re having fun, or when you’re busy! I’m going to sign off now as I’ll have lots to write about tomorrow after all of you comment. I’d like for the misses to start writing again but her neck has been killing her. Hope it gets better, like today!

God Bless

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