Happy Memorial Day

First off, thanks to those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country, they should not be forgotten. When you think about it, being in the military is really pretty thankless and frankly, we do forget them. We don’t pay them well, their retirement benefits are not very good, we don’t provide much medical support, mental and/or physical, after they leave and we basically ignore those older vets that really need help. It’s a fact that the majority of male homeless people are veterans. Why do retired senators and congressmen get 100% full pay for life but not our vets? Rather embarrassing, if you see a vet today, thank him or her.

Now to the day, here’s some comments,

  1. Tom says:

    I for one have no plans, besides playing the piano! Oh boy sounds fun, huh?

    Ok Uncle T, it does sound fun. We’re excited for your first concert. It’s admirable to take up playing the piano at YOUR age, he ha. But really, learning how to play an instrument or a new language, or anything new, I don’t care if it’s tying flies for fishing, is all good.

  2. Annette says:

    Make up something fun for us. We went to see Star Trek and then out to dinner with some friends at the Stockton Yacht Club. That was all we had planned.Star Trek is really, really good. Jean and I saw Gatsby last week and we really liked it. Go see it for the costumes and houses and of course Leo. Go with a girl friend, the boys wouldn’t like it. Its cool and windy here and going to rain tomorrow so maybe I will go to another movie Fast and Furious 6.

    Grandma Annette is the movie queen! She sees more movies than anyone we know. They should give her some kind of special pass that gets her preferential seating and allows her to cut lines when getting in and at the snack bar. I wonder if she smuggles a flask in???

    Alright, for the rest of you, here’s what we heard you we’re doing,

    Aunt Ali was working on her tan in the back yard, for most of the day……naked!

    Aunt Robi won a beer drinking contest and then went out for some beers…..

    My Mom was content as usual in her compound “copping out” in her words, of any invitation to go anywhere or do anything. She’s lucky she’s so happy not going anywhere or doing much of anything. Now we know where Uncle T gets it!

    Grandma Dixie was voted queen of flower arranging by the City of Sacramento. Not only can she arrange flowers but she can make friends with all other 180 contestants and know them all by first name, while doing so…..

    Grandpa Bob watched 32 episodes of Duck Dynasty…. (if he didn’t, he really should, he’d love it!)

    Grandma Eleanor hit 133 antique sales in one day and found all the treasures at each one…hard to believe she could get anymore trinkets in her house!

    Pa Don taught all the nurses at he rehab center how to play bridge and recalculated their water usage saving the home thousands of dollars a year not to mention thousands of gallons of water….

    And meanwhile, I bought a herd of horses (397 to be exact) and a bunch of guns. The boys as usual had a day full of playing with birthday party’s, sleep overs (actually a half sleep over as the youngest came home at 11:10pm!)

    My lovely wife of course paraded around all day in a cute little nurse outfit. I think she figures she’ll turn the table on her neck and become a medical provider instead of a medical patient! Plus she looks really cute in her get up….I don’t know if it’s helping her head but it works for me….

    So that’s about it, wonder what you all will do today. We’re supposed to go to a bbq today at 4pm but we’ll see how the day goes. We made bbq chicken last night and the misses dropped some at my Mom’s and Junes down the street. As I said I invited my mom over but she preferred we just drop some food, copping out you know.

    Tomorrow I lose these freakin compression socks. I could lose them today but when they say 2 weeks, they mean 2 weeks, so they told me. I’m lucky to have such great circulation as some in our family aren’t so lucky. Personally I think it’s all diet.

    So time to run, hope all’s well, we have a big big week. Her’s just a few of the things we have on our plate. I have physical therapy a few times, need to go to Vail for my follow up appointment, the kids get out of school on Thursday, we have 2 baseball games and 1 practice, Mom needs some acupuncture and I’m sure will plant something, both kids have swim practice, the oldest has inter-murals and the youngest has no less than 14 play dates scheduled in 6 days. I’m sure there’s more like getting the dogs groomed, cleaning out the basement and the boys rooms, driving up to Ft. Collins to pick up some stuff, taking the oldest to ride his motorcycle, hooking up our trailer and Ranger and bringing it to the house and getting ready for all the Bocelli festivities as Andrea, Alberto and Cinzia come to town June 3rd. So today is kind of our last day of rest. After reading all that, maybe we should skip the bbq and just stay home! We’ll see.

    Have a great day

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