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Yesterday was a long day. It started with Mom taking the youngest to the swim meet as he woke up and wanted to go. The oldest slept in and spent the morning with me. We ran a few errands and then picked up Mom and the swimmer around 10:30.

Later in the day the youngest guys friend came over and the boys found a garage sale down the street.You’d be amazed at all the junk they were able to procure for a mere $6! They had boxes and boxes of stuff spread out all over the front yard. The must have been good negotiators. Mom spent most of the day sleeping after she arrived home as she just couldn’t keep her eyes open.

So in the spirit of trying to generate some participation (if not I’ll go into politics!) what are you all doing this weekend? We need some info, some comments, you know, the good stuff. So today’s job for all of you is to post a comment with your Memorial Day plans. Annette, are you taking the boat down the river? Grandpa Bob and Eleanor, you have to be going somewhere, right? Grandma Dixie, you must be heading back over to see Don. Uncle T and Aunt Ali, are you guys doing anything special and I know my little sis, Aunt Robi, is doing something as she’s a go getter. So, let’s hear it!

Everyone is still sleeping here as the kids were up until 10:30 again. They had set up a tent in the backyard and were going to sleep outside but came in around 10pm. Good thing as we discovered a raccoon in the front yard right about then and shooed him away and he ran straight into the backyard. I asked the boys if there was any food left in the tent and I’m sure you know the answer to that, so the misses and I were outside cleaning out cheetos and cheezits and putting the tent up on the backyard table so our nocturnal masked raider wouldn’t tear it up.

After watching Dr. Oz on tv (he seems to be one of the guys that actually know what he’s doing) I gave up wheat and sure feel good. He did a study that shows in most people, a piece of whole wheat bread raises your blood sugar twice as much as a snickers candy bar! That on top of the sluggish feeling you get from big swings in blood sugar prompted me to give it a try. Of course the misses already avoids all wheat. Anyhow I sure feel better and am sleeping better too. It’s not as hard as you’d think it is either, oh well, to each his own.

Not sure what all is going on today. The oldest wants to ride his motorcycle so we’ll try to fit that in and he has a birthday party at I think 4. Meanwhile I’m sure the youngest is already booked with playdates. He’s so busy he needs a secretary to keep his schedule straight.

Time to run, only 48 more hours until I can lose these compression socks. The knee is good but I did a little too much yesterday. The misses neck is still sore but that’s old news. Hope it’ll get better soon. So remember, let us know what you’re doing, otherwise I’ll just make some stuff up for each of you!

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