Up early this morning to water the grass and feed the dogs. It’ll be 88 today so we’ll crank up the air conditioner. Yesterday I went downtown to join the youngest, Mom and his two friends at the Oxford Hotel for lunch. The kids had a good time. Seems the place, which has been around since the mid 1800’s, is haunted. The boys got to go upstairs to one of the two rooms that is supposedly haunted. I then headed home while Mom continued the walking tour around downtown.

Around 5:30 we headed to the pool for the opening night bbq. The kids had a blast. They’re supposed to be at a practice swim meet this morning (our pool only to get the kids used to it) but we’re skipping it. Everyone is a little tired, especially the boys who were both up until 10:30. Plus it just takes too much of the weekend and the oldest hasn’t even had a practice. Neither boy really wants to be on swim team but Mom is adamant about them participating. They’ll like it once they get going and it’s great exercise for their growing bodies.

Everyone is still sleeping, duh, and it’s about 6am. I did get to lose the compression socks for the party last night but put them back on as soon as I arrived home. Only a few more days (Tuesday) until I can throw them away.

School is effectively over. They go Tuesday and Wednesday and half day Thursday but will accomplish little. I guess Mom and I need to gear up for having them home for the next 90 days!

I think we’ll plant the vegetable garden today and we have a few other things to do. Great day for a bbq, we’re going to finally put out the fantastic lawn furniture Grandma gave us from Arizona as we’ve been waiting for the rain to go away. I’m worried it’s so nice, someone might steal it as we’re putting it out front. I might chain it down just to be sure.

Time to run, hope everyone has a great weekend. See you tomorrow.

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