Day in Denver

You might remember a few years ago when the oldest had his Day in Denver. It’s where the entire 3rd grade goes downtown on a walking/exploration tour of the city. They have workbooks and have to find specific landmarks along the way. When the oldest went, Mom and I took he and his friend to the Oxford Hotel for hot chocolate and pancakes and the youngest sure remembers that! So this morning, after my haircut, I’ll join up with Mom (who has volunteered again, there’s nothing that woman won’t do for her kids!) and take the group to the Oxford Hotel for chocolate milk (too warm for hot chocolate) and whatever they want to eat. The youngest is calling it brunch which is about what it’ll be by the time I meet them.

Yesterday after school the oldest went with his friend and parents to Sonic Burger for 50 cent hot dogs as it was Official End of School Day across the country. Ours of course runs until next Thursday at noon. He then rushed home for baseball practice until 7pm. Meanwhile the youngest went to swim team practice.

Today after school, his friend Jennifer comes home with us and we’ll all go to the opening bbq at the pool. I called the doc to make sure I can take off my old man socks which they ok’d. Thankfully I only have about 3 more days in these things. That’s been the worse part of this whole thing but blood clots are blood clots and I don’t want one!

Mom is still sleeping and I already made it to the grocery store for eggs, bacon, milk and bread. Both boys are on the couch with me watching some movie. I need to get back to the gym and was going to try this morning but I’m running out of time. Also time to ice my knee. Time to go, no politics today, the administration is making its case for being a joke on it’s own without me telling you. It’s incredible how they change their story daily and say it like nothings wrong. Finally the American people are wising up! Bout time.

God Bless.

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