A long day, long night and great comment!

Our day started early, 5am and then the oldest and I finally rolled in from his baseball game at 10:10pm. We won and he played great but that’s another story for another time.

Today is the last full day of school and I’m off to the doctor in Vail at 8am. Here’s a comment from Aunt Robi, might be the best we’ve seen in a while!

robi says:

Boy you sure do know me – but actually yesterday it was margs by the pool and then out for mex and more margs – hehe! Friday we went out for Italian, Saturday I cleaned house and went to a party. Sunday went out for breakfast and then to Home Depot (love that place) got some flowers to plant and some wood to remake Homers house (my 150 pound tortoise). Had a bit of an accident when the top of the wooden chest fell and almost snapped my wrist off. It is real sore but still attached so I guess I have strong bones. Jr. came over and we had a BBQ. Now it’s back to reality – ugh! I am thinking of starting my own business – not sure what it really is, but the lack of attention to detail in restaurants is costing the owners lots of money and customers. They need me to go in and fine tune! I might just get some business cards printed up and pass them out and fake it! I have been at my dead end job now for 10 years and pretty much hate it! I am thankful that I have a job tho! Oh yeah, I also cruised around in my new caddy – I just said that cause I can! Hope the knee is better and the headaches stay way and the kids have a wonderful summer!

That’s my little sis! I knew I could count on you to party on and share some news. I think you should start your own business, lots are started just as you described. Love that you’re cruising around in your “caddy, go ahead and say it! I should have known it would be margarita’s, I just wasn’t thinking!

Time to run as we’re super busy. Hey did you see, some more U.S. Embassy employees were shot at a strip club, nice that they can get out and spend our tax dollars on some well deserved entertainment and support the economy of other countries. Anyhow that’s how the White House is explaining it! Man they’re a mess.

Gotta run, take care and God Bless.


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