The Oscars

Tonight is the Oscars, not really a big deal to me but the misses is excited about it. I think she likes seeing all the dresses more than the actual event. Oh well, at least it’s good for a post title.

Got all the wine unloaded and moved into the house yesterday. The basement and upstairs breakfast nook are each filled with about 90 cases of wine. A few bottles were broke so some of the boxes have that “barrel smell” that reminds you of a vineyards cellar. While the littlest one was at his birthday party, my brother and wife took me, our oldest and his friend out for pizza. They also made chili for us for dinner last night which helps out as I can then focus on laundry and house cleaning. When we picked up our youngest at his party, he used his Chuck e Cheese “points” to buy him, his brother and their friend some prizes. Quite an unselfish act for a 7 year old hyped up on cake and ice cream! We all came home and played a bit outside before heading in to clean up before dinner.

Tomorrow I fly to D.C. (actually into Baltimore as it’s about half price) at 9am. With Mom working at 8:15 the boys will need to be dropped off a few minutes early. It’s supposed to be raining on the east coast when I land but all I really need to do is head to dinner in D.C.

Since I haven’t gone off on any political or world view rants lately, I thought I’d share some of the latest news with you all today. Gas is almost $4 a gallon here, going up an unprecedented 25 cents a gallon in less than 2 days! This is reminiscent of the 1970’s for those of us old enough to remember. On a local level, the kids neighborhood summer pool tuition has gone from $465 to $520 (which doesn’t seem like a lot but is about 12%) and they want you to pay by March 15th. The pool doesn’t open until Memorial Day so they now want to be paid 10 weeks early I guess for the interest they’ll make on the fees they collect. Our close friends told me yesterday they’re going to have to pass this year. I’m not sure what we’ll do as with Mom working we’re going to need some kind of activity for the kids when they’re not in school, plus they do go about every day and it’s good exercise. Anyhow I’ll leave the rant at that, (see that wasn’t so bad) as I’m sure (or hope) that most of you are aware of what’s going on out there. I know lots of people that are actually selling things they don’t need to pay bills or buy extra food. Funny how the things they’re now selling were “must haves” just a few years ago. The misses even sees it at work as she tells of people stocking up on various items coming through her lines. She’ll be writing the blog tomorrow and Tuesday and maybe will elaborate. Ok, I’ll stop.

We’re all headed to the gym in a half hour or so, (use it or lose it), and will then come home to more laundry and cleaning on our day off. Hope everyone is well, give us a call to say hi. Take care, stay safe and healthy.

God Bless,

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