7,120 Pounds

That’s how much wine we’ll be lifting and carrying down into the basement this morning. Yesterday I had 178 cases (40 lbs per case) flown in on Lufthansa Airlines, from Italy to Denver. Today at 9am they will be dropped off in the middle of our driveway. Thankfully it won’t be snowing this morning, just a bit cool. Over the next week we will be unpacking and re-packing wine to ship off to various points across the country to be used as samples in tastings to generate orders for delivery in June. Luckily for the misses, she works at noon meaning she’ll miss out on most of the heavy lifting. Knowing her, she’ll pitch right in and lift and carry more than one of the guys I hire to help. I was in Whole Foods yesterday grabbing some milk, eggs and bread. Funny a guy like me that prides myself on being prepared is out of the top 3 staples in the kitchen, I’m going to have to have a talk with myself! Guess we will have to look at getting some chickens and cows after all. ¬†When checking out, I introduced myself to one of the checkers I had not met. (they can tell who you are based on your discount card) She proceeded to tell me what a neat lady my wife is and how we’re both very special blessed people. First I said thanks but then had to confide to her that really my wife is the special one and I just lucked out, but don’t tell my wife I said so.

The youngest and I played chess last night, his new favorite game, and he won, of course with a little help from me. During dinner last night he said how he really didn’t like the sweet potato french fries but worded it to Mom in the following way, “Mom, I’m not judging, but I really don’t like these”. It’s always a chore to try to get the boys to eat properly so we try creative approaches like making sweet potato’s into french fries. Our mircowave is on the fritz (that’s a word right?) for the past few days. It’ll stop as soon as you start it and make you put in the time, day, month and year before letting you re-start it. It’s always something! The youngest has a birthday party at Chucky Cheese today which is a haven for all germs on the weekend when school’s out. I hate that place.

We need to ask Uncle T and Aunt B to pick up the kids and watch them from 2:45 to 5:15 this coming Monday and Tuesday as I’ll be in D.C. for a quick trip and the wife has to work. Other than that, we have the rest of the week covered. We’ve managed to work around both our schedules pretty well in the 6 weeks she’s been working. I think this is actually the first time we’ve needed outside help. Thanks in advance for the help.

The oldest and I will have to find something fun to do while the youngest is at his party. March is right around the corner, Tuesday, and they say it is our snowiest month. Sure hope they’re wrong as we’re all ready for summer around here. At least we’re not on the east coast as they’ve been hammered this year. One of my wife’s close friends from Idaho and her family are coming to visit in a few weeks. I don’t really know them (met them once) but they’re really close. Well time to jump in the shower and clean some spots in the basement and dining room for 45 stacks (of 4 cases each) of wine. For the next week or so, it’ll be real crowded around here, oh the joys of being self employed. I also probably shouldn’t have worked out so hard at the gym yesterday as I’m a bit sore and have all the wine to lift today, oh well, keeps me young.

In closing we got the word last night that Auntie T’s breast biopsies was negative, yea!

Everyone have a good day and get outside and get some exercise!

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