New Snow

Three of us are already awake and downstairs at 5 something this morning.  Personally, I would prefer to be snug in my bed until at least 6:30. There is a light dusting of snow on the ground and more to come throughout the day.  We better bundle our kiddos up today…it’s chilly.

Work passed by quickly yesterday…it was really busy and we have to ask our “captive audience” if they would like to donate to the Whole Planet Foundation. WPF is set up to offer micro loans to impoverished women to start their own business and raise themselves and their children out of poverty.  I’m all for helping women and children, but it is uncomfortable to ask everyone to donate while they are passing through my line.

The youngest was head butted again during square dancing…that ends today! The teacher is going into the P.E. class to put a stop to this unacceptable behavior this afternoon. My husband and I both spoke to her and she spoke to the class…. However, the P.E. teacher is unaware of the situation and will be apprised of said behavior today. How does a 7 year old learn how to head butt anyway? Sooooo not okay!!

We had our pup (big dog) sleep inside again last night in hopes of no late night…early morning predator vs. prey games. We had success….no midnight fun for our furry friend. Once again our youngest made his way into our bed sometime after midnight, so another night of good sleep was eluded. D!#* it!!! We are so tired.

No rest for us today….we have to make room for 178 cases (samples) of wine that are being delivered tomorrow. It all has to be shipped out next week…at least unloading the cases and carrying them downstairs counts as a workout.

Bob the fish is looking better. He is no longer floating on his side. Hurray!! I think he was just constipated.

The little old lady and her dog are doing well also. Yea!! She is so cute…in the mornings she and Bunkie sit on the stairs in front of an open front door (she has a glass storm door so the cold doesn’t get in) and wait for me to arrive with Bunkie’s breakfast and to administer his shot.  Super sweet!

Well I am off to make breakfast, get kids ready for school, and head down to L.O.L’s to give shot to L.O.D.(little old dog). Off to the gym later and hopefully get in a short run, throw the ball for the dogs and help Hubby make room for wine.

Have a lovely day to all..

God Bless,


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