Back in the Saddle

Thanks to my lovely wife for handling the posting duties yesterday while I was out of town, it was a quick but successful trip. From reading her post, she had a busy day off. The boys and misses are still sleeping as it’s only 5:30am.

It was a bit chilly when I got home and is still that way this morning. Mom had a nice batch of homemade lentil soup ready for dinner which really hit the spot. The boys complained about having pasta again but it’s become a staple around our house. We use the Barilla Plus pasta which actually has as much protein as chicken and a lot more fiber. It’s one of the secret ways we sneak protein into the kids diet. If anyone out there eats pasta, this is the one to buy. Gas was $4 a gallon in San Francisco yesterday, WOW, I hope that trend reverses itself. San Fran is a pretty city on the surface but my meeting was actually in Oakland so driving from SFO airport to Oakland, you really see the seedy side of the place. People (more than I’ve seen in other cities like NY, Chicago, Dallas or Miami) are just camped and living on the sidewalks. (Here’s where I say something negative about Nancy Pelosi but my wife has kindly told me to lay off the politics) I don’t know what situation put these folks where they are but there seem to be more of them than in years past. I’m thankful we have a roof over our heads and food on the table as it’s clear there’s a lot of people who don’t have these basic comforts.

My wife just hollered down from upstairs as it seems the big dog is barking and climbing the fence again, (she has much better hearing than I do), must be that damned raccoon! If this keeps up, I’m going to have to do something about it. Does anyone have any good raccoon stew recipes?

Today I need to clean up a little downstairs and run some errands while Mom’s at work and the boys are in school. Mom works until 7 tonight so it’ll be the boys and I on our own for dinner. I think I’ll try to come up with something different than pasta to surprise them. I wish they’d eat fish, maybe we can have frozen cod from Whole Foods as they seem to like that.

I need to run for the day as I have a ton to do today. I’m going to try to get showered and cleaned up and get out the door to gas up the vehicles before the boys need to go to school. Both cars need gas, (there’s a $170 expense) and I like to keep them always at least half full, but have let both fall below this level. With gas so expensive, we now have to think twice about going somewhere unlike the past when you’d just jump in the car and go. It’s a different World we live in but I’ll stay away from this for today because as I said earlier, the misses has warned me about going off on another rant. Oh well, enough for today, stay safe and God bless until tomorrow, and I promise I’ll come back strong with some good rants!


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