Happy Birthday Robi!

Today is my little sis’s birthday, whoo hoo! I’m sure she’ll be whooping it up, Happy Birthday Robi.

Yesterday the youngest stayed home with a slight fever and a stuffy nose. In the am I ran down to meet our new attorney for the misses issues after I met with the owner of Applejack. I need to be back at Applejack this morning after I get a 9am haircut. I’m taking the misses with me and leaving her there so she can get an update as well. I’ll go back and get her later as I don’t want her driving when she’s on pain medication.

Here’s a quick comment from Grandma Annette, thanks,

Annette says:

I was going to comment yesterday but, Jean and I went to Chico to see Serena and go to a soccer game with Gianna. I was just going to say we had been through the stockpiling food in the 50′s when everyone was building bomb shelters and again for y2k (not as bad). I’m glad you guys are ready for anything, you have young kids to think about. I also think the government is worthless in a disaster (to many Chiefs and no indians). We always read the blog even if we don’t comment. Tell the Misses I said to take it easy. We love you guys.

Now I don’t know if “we’re ready for anything” but I hope we could make it for a few weeks until things hopefully calm down or we could get out of town if need be. I’ve never in my life had little to no confidence in the government, local or federal,  to take care of us or anyone during a natural disaster. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older or have young children, or maybe it’s because our society has never been so screwed up. Probably a combination of both.

Last nights debate was pretty boring with no clear winner but rather two guys rehashing the same old talking points. Another loser moderator sat there and pretty much offered nothing. He didn’t ask any important questions I was interested in but rather asked wishy washy soft balls that gave the candidates the chance to repeat the same old talking points. If anything Mitt came off more Presidential than the big O who looked angry and was not very Presidential. His condescending remarks like “Governor, we don’t have horses or bayonets anymore” we’re frankly beneath the office. The dems internal polls must show he’s in real trouble. Oh well, thankfully it’ll all soon be over, we can’t wait.

I have a bit of a sore throat this morning, hopefully it’s nothing serious. It’s supposed to rain and/or snow tomorrow so time to crank up the heater. We need to keep working on the upstairs room as we still have lots to do. Time for me to run, lots to do, hope you all are well, take care and whatever you do, think for yourself and don’t be swayed by all the talking points on either side. It’s like they think if they keep telling you the same thing , true or not, you’ll believe it! This must be the case otherwise they wouldn’t keep doing it! Think about it.

God Bless


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