Snow tonight?

Tonight, maybe, we’ll see our first snow fall of the season. I hope so as it’ll make pheasant hunting a lot more fun on Saturday! Yesterday afternoon when we arrived home from the hair salon and grocery store, we jumped right in and did a quick clean of the house. This pretty much means pick everything up, vacuum and do all the dishes. The misses made chicken sausage and roast vegetables for dinner which everyone enjoyed.

This morning the misses has a doctor appointment at 10am. I think I’ll try to drive her so she can stay on her pain meds. Yesterday was not a good day for her head. Our lawyer sent a few emails and it seems that the therapist who manipulated her neck that first caused her headache, has conveniently omitted or lost or didn’t submit the records that document her hurting the misses neck. Surprise surprise, right. Nothing much surprises us anymore. It’s often hard to find people or companies that will “do the right thing” these days.

The kids halloween costumes are almost done. They of course are both custom made by the misses. We’ll have to send pictures.

Both dogs just came bounding in from their morning play time in the back yard. It’s almost 6am so time to get moving. Hope everyone is doing well, glad to hear from some of you even if you don’t comment all the time. It’s good to know you’re reading daily and enjoying the blog. God Bless.


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