Where to start

Ok, are you out there? We’re not sure although I did receive 37 new comments yesterday, just none from any of you, hmmmm.

Ok, where do I start, yesterday the misses and I hit the upstairs spare room and cleaned out 6 large bags of trash, 4 large bags of clothes to donate, (she) almost finished up the youngest guys halloween costume, roasted a couple of chickens along with some vegetables, made a cherry pie, washed and put away 3 or 4 loads of laundry, while I cleaned the basement and shredded 3 months worth of old bills and other stuff. So, what did you do?

The oldest left at 9:30 with Jen for Anderson Farms to hit the 3.6 mile corn maze, go to the pumpkin patch, have some lunch and whatever else they do there. The youngest played around here and at the neighbors until we all met up for dinner around 5pm.

This morning I have a conference call and then will head downtown to a lawyer to discuss the misses situation. Meanwhile she has an appointment at noon to discuss the remodeling of a doctor’s office so it’s a busy day.

In fact, it’s a busy week. Tomorrow I have a haircut at 9am and she has an appointment to get her hair colored right behind me at 9:30. Then I have an appointment at Applejack Liquors at 10 and then I’ll be off to Greeley for an appointment. Wednesday is early release at school (12:30) and the misses has a doctors appointment that morning while I have a couple of meetings in Boulder. Thursday it’ll be cold and rainy but I need to find some time this week to double check my rifle and make sure it’s sighted in for elk hunting in 10 days or so, meaning probably a trip to the mountains to a range. Friday it might snow and I have 4 calls set up right now and Saturday I’m pheasant hunting out east about an hour or so from Denver. I think the misses is also throwing a halloween party that night. We’ve been invited to at least two parties that evening as well. Then Sunday the Broncos play the Saints at 6:30pm. On top of all this, the youngest guy seems to have a stuffy nose and a cold and he’s trying to pass it over to me first!

The following week is even worse as I’ll be leaving for the mountains on Friday morning for a few days.

I just yelled up to the misses and the boys as it’s after 6 and the oldest has inter-murals. Both pups are at my feet anxiously waiting for Mom to come down the stairs. They seem to like her best!

Time to run, lots going on as you can see. We need to try to get the youngest well and try not to let his cold spread throughout the family. I’m trying to break the cycle by downing 6 to 8 vitamin C pills a day. Hopefully it’ll work.

So stay safe, stay healthy, take care and God Bless, and don’t be afraid to comment!

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  1. Annette says:

    I was going to comment yesterday but, Jean and I went to Chico to see Serena and go to a socer game with Gianna. I was just going to say we had been through the stockpiling food in the 50’s when everyone was building bomb shelters and again for y2k (not as bad). I’m glad you guys are ready for anything, you have young kids to think about. I also think the government is worthless in a disaster (to many Chiefs and no indians). We always read the blog even if we don’t comment. Tell the Misses I said to take it easy. We love you guys.

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