Bumps and Bruises

We had a planned early start yesterday. Up and in the shower by 5:15 to make sure I was ready for the day ahead. I gave Bunkie his shot at 7:50a.m. loaded the boys for school at 8:00a.m. and volunteered in the 1st grade glass from 8:10-9:50….I love the mornings that I volunteer for those sweet little munchkins!! I headed to WF at 10:15 and didn’t look up until almost 7.

My man once again had the boys, the eldest of which told me that Dad is very strict. Who knew that I was the softy, or the parent with not much follow through….Oh yes…the boys know. Dad brought one of the boys into the store yesterday while the other was at his Destination Imagination meeting. They bought some snacks for “husbands” trip to San Francisco this morning. He has a meeting with Cost Plus Markets….wish him luck and success!!

We had a rough night…it started off well with big hugs from the boys when I arrived home..those hugs are the best! I went down and gave Bunkie his evening shot and after coming in and making a snack for the youngest and then sending the boys to bed, the eldest fell down the stairs on his way up and bumped his head. Ugg…very scary.  He had a bump and of course the pediatrician recommends waking the youngster every two hours to make sure said youngster knows who you are, the year it is and the name of the President to guaranty no brain swelling. I repeat…Ugg! After this minor drama the youngest proceeds to show us a goose egg size bump on his forehead. The bump was a result of a boy in his Rhythms class(square dancing)that thinks head butting when you bow to your partner is “funny”.  Not funny!! Needless to say, I will be having a conversation with his teacher this morning.

So, we finally go to sleep…Husband needs to be up at 3a.m. to prepare for his 0’dark hundred a.m. flight to S.F. Oh, sleep wonderful sleep….not so fast…our furry four legged family member found a critter to chase at 2:12a.m. Stupid raccoon!! We… husband and I bounded down the stairs, turned off the alarm and then had a hard time coaxing our dog into the house, he was having so much fun chasing his prey and dog food doesn’t hold a candle to live bait! We headed back to bed and of course the youngest who had been in his own bed was now fast asleep in ours. Did I mention the glass of water that got knocked over around 1a.m.? Good times!!!I need a nap…so does my man I am guessing.

The agenda today consists of cleaning bathrooms, walking our four legged friends, mailing a Flight Attendant Uniform that I am soooo behind on returning, washing bedding, chasing dog hair and dust bunnies, and trying to once again save Bob the betta fish, whom at this moment is floating on his side. Yikes!!

Please send a payer out for our close friend Auntie T. She had a couple of breast biopsies yesterday and the doc sent one out for further testing. Send one out for the fish too.

Wish me luck!!

God Bless,


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