Back to School

The weekend is over! It was a good 4 days off for everyone, (Mom worked 3 of the 4). Our eldest told us yesterday what a great time he had on this extended weekend. It was culminated with the boys getting these new sweatshirts they HAD to have. They used their own money so all I was responsible for was driving the brood to Boulder to the skateboard shop. These sweatshirts are hoodies meaning they have a hood attached and they actually zip all the way up over their face. Once zipped up over their heads, there are mesh eyes and nose holes they can see and breath through. They look like some kind of aliens out of a movie, hard to imagine but I’m sure you’ll see them everywhere soon. What fun to be a kid, oblivious to all the challenges in the World going on around you. I sure hope that by the time the boys are adults, the World has had some kind of great epiphany and everyone is living in peace and harmony. Oh well, one can hope.

I just received a text from close friends in Seattle telling us that the misses goes in for a biopsy today at 1pm. Having gone through this last year, we know the stress they’re under. These “close calls” can really be a wake up call to make one realize what’s important in life. First and foremost, what’s not important are “things” like fancy cars, jewelry, and other items we’re conditioned from youth to consider necessary and important to our very being. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have the comforts of society but one needs to realize these things are not what should be the pursuit of ones life. How many times have you heard the story of the man who for his entire life strives to acquire as much money as possible and gather as many things of value as he can only to realize that his life has passed him by and he’s now old and all alone surrounded by all his money and “things”. You don’t want to end up in that situation as I imagine it’s not a good feeling, being in the twilight of your life and being all alone. What’s truly important is family, friends, health and somehow helping make this World a better place. Imagine if each and every persons goal was to be kind to their fellow man and in some way, no matter how small, make the World a better place. It wouldn’t take long to see dramatic changes all around us. This me me attitude needs to stop. It reminds me of the movie The Ten Commandments where all the people are worshiping the golden calf. If that story is true, look what happened to those people!

Here comes our youngest, Mom’s already showered as she volunteers in school before going to work. I’m off to San Francisco tomorrow just for the day (leave at 6am, back by 4pm) and have lots of work to get done today. We had a raccoon in the front yard for most of the afternoon yesterday. The boys of course were captivated by its presence. It looked a little lethargic as they aren’t usually out during the day. Hope he doesn’t wander into the backyard as he’d be no match for our 125 lb malamute. Aunt Blondie came over for dinner and brought cupcakes for the boys and treats for the dogs. She’s always very thoughtful. My brother gets back from AZ around noon as he’s been down there since he drove my Mom down last week. I joked with her yesterday asking if she’s ready to come home now. (she’s only been there a week!) ¬†She said she’ll stick it out a while longer but’ll keep me posted. The misses and I are still trying to kick our colds and coughs but life goes on. We need to start planning out our garden for the year. I’m serious about getting some things to grow better this year! I’ve been reading all winter to figure out what’ll grow best with the least amount of work. You don’t want to spend countless man hours and hundreds of dollars of water growing $6 worth of tomato’s.

Well breakfast is ready and time to go, hope all’s and God Bless,

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