Day 3 of 4 off for the Boys

Yesterday with Mom not having to work until 2pm, we loaded up early for the gym. On the way we stopped to give Bunker or Bunkie (guess that’s his nickname) his shot but he hadn’t eaten yet so this had to be put off. After a solid workout at the gym, we headed home to change shoes (on the boys), stop in to give the Bunkster his shot and drove up to Red Rocks Park. The boys had so much fun the day before they wanted to go back. All four of us got a good leg workout running up and down the 120 rows out seats at the park. For those of you that don’t know, Red Rocks is one of the natural wonders of the World. An outdoor amphitheater built by the City of Denver in the 30’s, it’s hosted everyone from Benny Goodman (threw this one in for my Mom), to the Beatles, to Frank Sinatra and now the top musical acts around. It’s really one of the best places in all the World to see a concert. After an hour of exercise here, legs and lungs, we loaded up in the car and drove down to Morrison for a late breakfast. The TNT Cafe is a local place that’s been there for decades and is one of those places with just good homemade food. A good time was had by all. By now it’s 11:30 and we arrive home to get cleaned up. A few hours later Mom is off to work and the boys and I are left alone for another day. It’s been about 5 weekends in a row without Mom who we all miss but the boys and I have had some good bonding time usually reserved for Mom. The afternoon is filled with the youngest and I playing baseball and all three of us playing some football and basketball. They sure did sleep well last night, in fact, it’s 7am and they’re still sleeping. We had leftovers (from breakfast), and eggs for dinner (their choice) and watched a movie during which they fell asleep. Mom arrived home around 10, tired and ready for bed, she too is still asleep.

Today Mom works from 10 till 7 and the boys and I are going down by Castle Rock to a cutting horse event. We know a guy who has a bunch of horses and is competing. I picked up a 5 lb bone in pork roast yesterday, ($8.80 with our discount!) that I’ll throw in the crock pot for dinner. (love that discount, I joke that we wouldn’t care if Mom didn’t get paid as long as we get the discount) We had a surprise rain shower around dinner yesterday that caught us all of guard. Also going to try to start making our own bread soon. Anyone notice a loaf of bread is about $5! Wow, wish my grandma was still around, she made the best homemade bread you’ve ever tasted.

Time to get another cup of coffee and start the day, hope everyone is happy, healthy and enjoying the blog, it’s been fun so far. Hopefully it gives you all some enjoyment when you read it. Maybe we should have some kind of family reunion with ALL of our families together this summer, anyone in????

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