I Love My Wife

If you have a wife, tell her you love her. Sometimes they need to know you know or they forget all together. Mine in particular is a really special one. As a wife, Mom, friend, co-worker, daughter (or daughter in-law), she’s hard to beat. Make sure she knows she’s loved and appreciated each and every day, not just her birthday, Mother’s Day or Valentines Day as those are of course expected.

Now to yesterday. The boys and I had lots of fun. After my morning meeting (where the boys did really well), we ran to the bank, Home Depot and stopped by Mom’s work as organic chickens were on sale for 1 day only, marked down from $2.99 per lb to $1.69. After our discount, it came out to about $1.35 per lb, we bought six! We then headed home, put five of our six chickens in the freezer (kept one out for dinner) and headed out for the day. By now it was lunch time and the boys were getting hungry (they hadn’t eaten in an hour), so we stopped into a small local mexican restaurant. I had a small combo plate and the boys had chimichanga’s and sopapilla’s. These are their favorites! Full of energy we drove up to Red Rocks Park to climb and explore. We hiked up to the Amphitheater and played and climbed on the rocks for a while. Both boys ran all the way up all and down the whole theater which is quite an accomplishment. Many people are there each day running the steps or flights of stairs for exercise and of course the boys effortlessly sprinted by even the best of them. We then decided to jump in the car and head over to the dinosaur tracks on the other side of the switchback. These are actual tracks from 92 million years ago the boys have visited many times on school trips or with us. For some reason the road was closed so we had to park at the bottom and hike up a mile or so on the road to the actual tracks. Both here and at Red Rocks, our eldest was always watching out for his younger brother, making sure he didn’t slip on a rock or was not doing something that wasn’t safe. It was nice to see this as usually they’re at each others throats. By now it’s after 3 in the afternoon and we hadn’t cleaned up the house so we drove home to pick up a bit so Mom had a semi clean house to come home to after her day of work. I threw a chicken and some potato’s in the oven and did a bit of laundry. At one moment I had to grab a phone call downstairs and made the mistake of leaving my laptop on the couch. When I came up, it was in a new position and later I come to find out the boys (not sure how or which one) were jumping around and it got knocked to the floor. Hence now it only works when plugged into the wall and wouldn’t you know it, the warranty expired Feb 12, 2011, Super! Oh well, it’s just a “thing”. When stuff like this happens, I try to look at the big picture. Lots of people have lost their homes, have life threatening illnesses, lost a loved one, lost their job, are all alone, etc. Now a broken laptop doesn’t seem like such a big deal. I resort to this tactic a lot or otherwise I’d never make it through the stress of things that break around the house or what seems to be endless money problems for the past few years. (remember some unexpected expense always comes up!) ┬áHard to believe we make about $150K per year and have money issues. It all started years ago as when we started our little company, we had to go a few years with little or no income from which we’ve never really recovered. Funny though, according to the IRS, we’re worth a lot, on paper! Oh well, once again, one needs to put things into proper perspective. Today Mom goes to work at 2pm and get home around 10 at night, so we’re all going to the gym and then I think exploring to some other area.

Our littlest one slept in his own bed last night but now wants some cereal, a pop tart and butter toast so I have to run. Still sick even though I’m taking antibiotics but life goes on, the kids don’t seem to care how I feel, they just want to go go go! Enjoy your day and take care, as it’s time to get up and go go go.

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