What fun!

Here’s two comments from yesterday,


  • robi says:

    My pearl of wisdom is – do not get a cat – he will bring the mice in the house fersure!

  • Dixie and Don says:

    I was just wishing I could move to Lakewood, but when you mention mice, I going to have to forget about it. However, if you are putting out poison, don’t get a kitty. We are in a bind trying to find someone who can actually take over and keep our yard in shape–I can’t do it!! We have mow, blow and go gardeners, but they just aren’t doing much. Poor Don and Bill both feel bad that they can’t do that kind of work, so just keep a good vision of someone showing up before I become an even worse shrew than I am already. One good thing about my working outside I get to hear all the bird sounds and get to watch the squirrels antagonize the cats. We are very proud of our two little boys and really miss being able to watch them. Your blog helps to fill the void, so please don’t stop. Love, YO MAMA

    Now just to be fair, I guess there are mice everywhere. Thankfully I think I’ve scared them all over to the neighbors houses. Even my Mom said she’s seen some up at her place!
    Ok now to the day. Lots of work yesterday and then at 5pm we headed up to the concert. Billy’s house at the base of Red Rocks was really nice. It was really well done and I guess a lot of the stars stay there or have their family’s stay there. This weekend Mumford and Sons are staying there. (there a really good new band for those of you who are asking, who?)
    They grilled up some salmon and ribs for all of us and we had a glass of wine (or two) before the show. I had run my truck up to the parking lot when we arrived so it was staged ready for us to get out early and drive home. Turns out this wasn’t needed. At 7:30 a guy named Rob showed up in a white van and picked us up. Rob is the guy that drives the musicians to the stage from their mobile dressing rooms. He had just taken the band to the stage and then came to pick us up. He drove us up through all the security gates passing each checkpoint with a wave to each guard. We were delivered right to the stairs at the back of the stage where the musicians also go in. We walked right up to a lady waiting to check our tickets and then right up to our 9th row seats. The band had just started when we arrived. Now it was great but the band sure was old. These guys must be 70 or so and you could tell it in their voices. Still being in the 9th row, it was great. The misses and I said if we were in the 60th row, we probably would have left. Anyhow it was fun. Right before it was over our friend from Iceland and I walked up to get my truck while the misses and the others in our group walked back to the van for a ride back to the house. I arrived at the house a few minutes after the misses and we said our goodbyes and thank yous and jumped in the truck to head home.
    The boys were asleep, thankfully, and we headed right to bed. It must have been close to midnight when we fell asleep. Today I have a meeting at the distributor at 9 so time to run. Hope all’s well with everyone, take care and have a great day.
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