A great day at school

The boys made it to school early as they were up and showered on time and ready to go. They both enjoyed their teachers and their new class. The day flew by and we picked them up at 2:45 and headed over to the pool for an after school party. Mom had bought a cake and some balloons and set things up an hour or so earlier. Jen went with us and a few other kids joined us and they swam, ate cake and played hard for about 3 hours. It’s kind of a tradition around here to have a first day of school party and Mom didn’t disappoint.

Lots going on around here and tonight we have the concert at Red Rocks. I think Uncle T and Aunt B are coming to the rescue again by watching the boys. I’m trying to figure out how we can leave a bit early tonight so were not too late. The problem is we’re supposed to go to a house at the base of Red Rocks, park our cars and have dinner and then be shuttled up by limo to the concert. After the show the limo picks us back up and takes us to our cars back at the house. This means I have no way to get to our car if we want to leave a bit early. I’m going to try to see if I can take my car up to the parking lot and have someone pick us up and take us to the pre-party, we’ll see.

The drought is in full swing causing problems nationwide. Lots of fires in the west but for once, they’re not in Colorado. The smoke sure is though as it’s blowing straight into our state on the jet stream. The Mississippi river is so low that boats and barges are stuck! There’s over 100 boats stuck right now trying to get ferried through the low spots so they can deliver their goods. In Dallas the west nile virus (a disease from mosquitos) has killed enough people so that they are spraying by plane trying to kill them. Some say it’s almost biblical, we just don’t notice as we’re all conditioned to these things. One thing is for sure, last month was the hottest on record since they began keeping records sometime in the 1800’s and this drought and the fires are the worst that the western states have ever seen. The World sure is changing or at least going through a cycle we haven’t seen before in our lifetimes. One of the fires is north of Sacramento, hopefully the smoke is blowing away from all of you out there.

There are also 715 cases of whooping cough in Colorado this year which is 557 more than last year. Seems like there’s an epidemic of it this year. They think this is also from the drought. I wonder what the winter will be like. It’ll probably be pretty bad as last year it was really mild.

There are also tons of mice around. I’ve managed to eradicate them from around here but the neighbors all have had them too. We have 4 traps and some Decon out and haven’t caught any for well over a week. I also closed up some holes under the driveway where we saw one run so I think (hope) I’ve managed to get rid of them. The Rossi’s caught one in their house! Thankfully ours were all outside. Next door the Erickson’s had some in their garage. For some reason (the drought again??) there are more this year than we’ve ever seen. Luckily I was all over it, keep your fingers crossed that they’re all gone. if not, we’ll go get a cat!

Where are some “pearls of wisdom” from you? Everyone has to have at least one thing to share with the rest of us, let’s hear it.

Time to run, I need to get some emails finished before everyone wakes up as I missed my window to go to the gym. I just don’t have time. Guess tomorrow I’ll need to get up at 4:30!

Hope everyone is well, stay healthy and safe. God Bless.

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