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Ok since no one commented yesterday, here’s one,

“Apparently, I’m supposed to be more angry about what Mitt Romney does with his money, than what Barack Obama does with mine.”

I have to get the politics in early before Grandma Dixie tunes out! Yesterday was the annual 5 team relay swim meet at the pool. It started at 2 and was over at 9:30pm. Lots of fun for the kids but a long time for the parents. Early in the morning after we dropped the oldest at camp the 3 of us went to Red Rocks to climb the 70 rows of bleachers a few times, Mom’s legs are sore today!

We’re all tired today and will probably take it easy although the oldest is already at camp.

Hard to believe the Supreme Court upheld the mandate that Congress can make people buy something, WOW. This will have long term ramifications on many issues to come. Now I do think everyone should have access to health care but don’t think the government should be able to make a person buy something. Our company decided if this was the decision, we will now probably be dropping health care for our employees and instead give them some money which is too bad as we won’t be able to give enough for someone to buy it without kicking in their own money. We jut can’t afford it under the current scenario as our premiums are up over 100% since it was first implemented. Oh well, it is what it is.

Time to run, have a great day,

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