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Here’s two more comments,

  1. Tom says:

    First thought that pops into my head is, must be the most memorable, is being at the cottage in Wisconsin and playing baseball. It was Grandmas turn to bat, she took a full swing and spun all the way around and fell to the ground. We all rushed to her thinking she was hurt and she just got up laughing and was totally fine. As for my Grandpa, my most vivid memories are him coming to visits us in Colorado he would always sit up on the landing close to the tv with his hand cupped around his ear to be able to hear. The other was when Ricky our cousin a good size boy at the time did something to upset G’pa and he being a small man went over grabbed Rick by the collar of his shirt and lifted him off the ground. I learned that day not to piss off G’pa. As for the parents, I have to many good times to mention. I will say we had a blast at all the bankers conventions. In all honesty all my memories with mom and dad are special. Christmas was always a beautiful event at our home, birthdays at Taylors supper club and going to the ranch fishing. See I told you I could go on and on.

  2. Annette says:

    My grandma Annette (Mom’s mom) lived with us from the time I was 2mo. old. When we were little Grandma let us climb into bed with her in the mornings and she would read us books. She also had a parakeet that she taught to talk . We liked it when she would let it out of the cage and it would fly around and land on our head. Grandma Annette also hand made and knitted a lot of my doll clothes. My Grandpa Angus lived in San Jose with my step Grandmother Ann. Dad’s mother Serena died when he was about 16. Grandpa and Ann had a 2 story house with a carpeted staircase that we spent hours sliding down. The first time I stayed at grandpa and Ann’s I was about 4 1/2 (I don’t remember but Mom did) Mom really missed me and couldn’t wait to see me. I cried because I wanted to stay at Grandpa’s. I think she wanted to strangle me. Serena did the same to me and Mom was very pleased. Ann had a lot of antiques. I got to sleep in a double bed that I needed a step stool to get into. Grandpa was a carpenter and had a shop in the garage. We watched him make things and it smelled like fresh cut wood in there. He also played the bagpipes. We thought that was really funny. We always thought Grandpa and Ann’s yard was so big. They had a lot of fruit trees. Ann canned the fruit (I got to help) then we put the jars in the spooky old basement. They also had a cat (we had a dog) that would sleep with me when I was there. Jim and I went back to the house a couple of years ago and the yard was a lot smaller than we remembered. Grandpa also smoked a pipe and it always smelled so good.

    I remember clear as day Grandma playing baseball with us, she couldn’t have been more than 4’10” or so but stepped right up to the plate. I don’t know how old she was but when you were a kid everyone looked old. My Mom was writing down some stuff yesterday also that we’ll have to incorporate into the blog next week.

    When I was a kid my Dad also smoked a pipe and it too smelled good, there’s something about pipe tobacco that has that sweet smell unlike cigarettes.

    This morning we’re off to the swim meet and then the misses and I will leave for the airport around 9:30. The oldest and I have had upset stomachs for a few days and today isn’t much better. Oh well, you just have to power through it.

    It’ll be 102 or 103 here today which is way too hot! Hope the fires don’t flare up. I’ll try to write in the morning but it might be tomorrow night when we get home. have a great weekend, God Bless,

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