Where are the rest of you?

Well Grandma Dixie took the time to comment, where are you? I know you all did something over the weekend, come on, let us know. Here’s Grandma Dixie’s comment in case you missed it.

Pa Don and I surely enjoyed the descriptive blogs that Doug wrote–he
knows how to write beautiful word pictures. We felt as if we were there with you. As for us, we never left the homestead since coming home from our two-week stay on Maui. Frankly we were too tired. Our meals consisted of anything we could find in our pantry or refrigerator–lots of soup and our good neighbor’s potato salad. Thanks for lighting up our lives. We love all of you. Grandma Dixie

Thanks Dixie, we know you’re reading on a daily basis. Yesterday was basically a play day at school for the boys. The misses and I were busy with her going to a couple of doctor appointments where they had the gall to tell her that not only do they need to release her to go back to work but also suggested that we start using our insurance! We called one of her doctors in Vail who said that’s crazy and that he’d dictate a note right away keeping her out of work until at least June 5th when she sees Dr. Corenman at the Steadman Hawkins Clinic in Vail. We know they’re trying to get out of paying any more medical bills as work called and wanted her to come in today and sign release papers saying she’s all better, unbelievable. Looks like it’s time to get lawyers involved. As I said yesterday we think work wants to get rid of her anyhow as one of the girls told her when she was in that she was let go. They know they can’t do this without finding some reason or we think it’d be wrongful termination but it’s clear they will try to squeeze her out somehow. Real nice huh, they caused the injury and now they not only want to stop paying to get her back to where she was but also want to fire her. We’ll keep you posted, what a joke.

This morning I have a couple of appointments in Boulder but should be home by a little after 1. The oldest one gets to throw a cream pie in the school principal’s face for being one of the top performers in the school fundraiser. The youngest one actually sold more on his own but Uncle T took the oldest guys order form to the bank and got a bunch of sales for him putting him over the top. Mom offered to let the youngest guy throw a cream pie in her face to make him feel better.

We have some great pictures from the ranch, and a few that aren’t so flattering. The misses and I are back on a strict regiment of vegetables and lean protein. (the not so flattering ones are of us!) It seems the older you get, the tougher it is to keep those extra pounds off. In any case, you now us, we have to try!

Lacey the lab is limping around a bit as she had lots of ball throwing while we were gone. She’s also just getting old. She’s a good dog who still has a sparkle in her eye, it’s her hips and legs that aren’t quite as young as they used to be. Mojo the malamute is frisky as ever. He seems to do ok in the heat but we know he’d prefer snow!

Time for a little exercise as it’s been a while since I did any cardio or weights but I have to tell you, when you’re at a ranch, there’s plenty of exercise. That wasn’t the problem, it was the endless buffets of great irresistible food that set you back. The misses and I said we need to fast for a few days. I think yesterday we had an apple, a salad and maybe a bowl of corn flakes and that was it.

Tomorrow after school our friends the Chalkers are having their big end of school bash. Each year they say they’re not doing it again but every year, they do it. They’re both trust fund kids (in their 40’s) with wealthy parents and they throw a party with all kinds of hired attractions from jumpy castles to performers like magicians and this year I think they’re even bringing in a pool! I mean who hires out a pool? On top of it, they invite the entire classes of both kids plus other friends. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had valet parking as they’ll be over 100 kids. It’s always the Mom’s doing to throw this and her husband Charlie just shakes his head and goes along with whatever she wants. Oh well, the kids love it as it’s an annual right of passage to summer.

We might get some horseback riding in this weekend back up in the hills. We’ll see how the weekend plays out as the kids have no more school. Both boys didn’t get a chance to ride last weekend as they were too busy with paintball. The oldest one wants to earn money this summer for a dirt bike (motorcycle), while the youngest has his sights set on, you guessed it, a new paintball set. I tried to explain to him that there’s no place around here to play but he said he could just play in the neighborhood. I said no one wants splotches of paint all over their grass or house and that we’d have to find some place to play. He’s not deterred though and says we’ll find a place. The oldest guy has been on a dirt bike kick since her rode one last summer at our friend Brad’s house in Boulder. We were hoping he’d forget about it. We’ll keep you posted.

This summer, we have some new policies around her. Each boy will have a list of morning chores they must do before anything else each day. Next up will be the Bridge Books which are school books designed to keep them up to speed over the summer, then swimming practice and then they can play. TV will also be limited to an hour a day. We’re thinking of just unplugging them. I’m ok with that until football starts!

Ok, now I do have to go. Hope everyone is well, take care and give us a call. God Bless.

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  1. Annette says:

    Just a word of advice, don’t write about L playing paint ball ziplining ect. Workers Comp could use it as a way of saying L was able to go back to work. I worked for a state agency long enough to know how they work. You know how computers are everything is saved forever. Jean and I went to Chico to visit Serena and Matt. We went shopping (suprise) and to our favorit bakery for lunch and wonderful cupcakes. That was the only thing I did over the weekend that was fun. Love the blogs. The ranch sounds wonderful. I would like to go just to sleep in the beds, sit by the fire and eat the food.

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