June 2nd

June came so fast. Hard to believe we’re almost halfway through the year. 90 days until Labor Day, what? 90 days after that and we’ll be about 3 weeks from Christmas, unbelievable.

5:50am right now. We slept in, ha. As I said yesterday, our trip is all set. We managed to get a suite with a balcony and a terrace at the hotel. Think it’s one of seven suites on the top floor. Gotta love having a ton of points. Right now, our First-Class airfare and suite have cost us a total of $111 and around 1,100,000 points between the airline and hotel. We’re super excited and are already mapping out which restaurants to go to and what to do.

Lori and I made it to Costco yesterday and she had her nails done in the afternoon. We’ll go to the gym this morning before meeting up with Cousin Lee and his family at Hovey for breakfast.

Ty dinged up his knee playing basketball, so it’s a little swollen. Nate, (Dr. Cafferky), our neighbor, took a look at it and told him just to ice it. Nice up here but strong storms down in the eastern part of the State. Lots of tornados and flooding. That’s May and early June in Colorado.

Guess I’ll get moving. Have a nice Sunday. We need to start working on our Spanish. God Bless.

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