Well, we got our Rolling Stones tickets, six of them. You don’t want to know how much they cost, but they were not cheap. We’re much closer this year, row 19! Guess they mostly sold out on the pre-sell. Robi and Robert got theirs too. I bought four extra tickets for company incentives.

Yesterday was Annette’s birthday! I forgot to put it in the blog, sorry Annette, that one was on me as Lori reminded me the day before. I got you mixed up with my Partner in Seattle for some reason. You two don’t look anything alike, ha! Hope it was a fun day.

Tom and I had a great tasting in Vail yesterday and will be in Aspen today. I’ll pick him up after dropping Ty and then we’ll pick up Lori around 8 and head over to Aspen. Lori and I will leave around 2 as she’s getting together with Adriana and I have cigar night with James. Tom is staying in Basalt near friends and flying out of Eagle tomorrow. Should be a fun day.

They say a little cold front is coming in tonight. It has been cold up here but without the snow which is fine with us. Hopefully the El Nino winter means less snow for us. So far so good, knock on wood.

Time to get going. 5:50am and I need to be on the road in 45 minutes. Have a great Thursday and God Bless.

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