Before a few stops in Denver, I headed to Tom’s to pick up our Christmas cookies. Guess he made something like 800 cookies, if I heard him right! After that, I headed up the hill. I made it home around 1 or so which is good time.

Today the pre-sell for Stones tickets go on sale. My code came via email yesterday. Think I can buy them at noon my time. Then I’ll head into Vail to meet Tom, who works for me, for the 1pm tasting. He flew in from California last night. Tomorrow morning I’ll pick him up and we’ll drive over to Aspen where we’ll do the same thing from 1 until 4. I won’t stay the entire day as he’s staying with a friend in Carbondale before flying home Saturday morning. We’re in the middle of a reset in Colorado as the distributor changed everything up nationwide. I put Tom in charge of the market as we now have like 80 salespeople which are too many for me to manage.

We’re trying to figure out a date for our Christmas party, but James is playing in Saudi Arabia December 14th. He told me about this a couple weeks ago but it was hush hush until all was finalized. They’ll be the first metal band to play there which is a big deal. It’s our annual Cigar Fellowship party so we’ll work around his schedule. It’s a busy month but we’ll figure it out, even if we do it after Christmas.

Ty works at 7 so we’re back to our old routine. Cool up here but no snow. Lori is pretty much off for the next 2 weeks with everyone in Nepal. I’m sure she’ll still work from home. Bozo is in Colorado today, kind of remarkable they haven’t replaced him yet. I’m sure it’s coming. Not sure what the Dems are thinking as even the American people are not stupid enough to vote this guy in again, one would think, ha.

That’s it, time to go, have a great day and God Bless.

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