Last night a winter squall, (that’s what Lori called it), came through during the middle of the night. Lori, Adriana, James and I are supposed to go to the range today so hope it’s ending. Fall arrives Saturday so this isn’t surprising. Ty made it home around 7 last night and grilled up his flank steak that Lori marinated for him a few hours earlier. He works at 8 this morning and we’ll drop him on the way to the gym.

I made cookies for the kids down the street yesterday. They were so so, ha. I bought some premade cookie dough from Whole Foods. They were not that bad but were not homemade like Tommy’s. But being kids, they ate them up.

On the way to work in Frisco yesterday, a truck sped by Lori and kicked up an orange construction cone that flew into the side of her car! I told her about the paving operation and to be careful as I drove through it the day before. She was super upset but when she got home, and I checked it out and was relieved as there’s no real damage. A few little scrapes that will buff out and are not really noticeable.

An Iraqi refugee was killed in a carjacking in Aurora. How ironic that the guy gets out of Iraq, which is arguably one of the most dangerous countries in the World, makes it to Colorado, and then dies here in a carjacking, nice. It’s getting old seeing crap like this happen every day. Take the millions of illegals entering the Country and pair them up with the degenerate youth that have no hope, and you have tens of millions of people that will commit crimes of opportunity if given the chance. When did human life become so worthless? And what’s our govt. doing? They’re creating a new climate emergency office and another to focus on taking away 2nd Amendment rights from its law-abiding citizens, nice. Did you see the one-year-old that died in day care as the woman running it was making fentanyl while running a daycare? The place failed its inspection yet was allowed to keep watching kids. WTF is wrong with people. Hold on as we haven’t hit rock bottom yet, believe it or not. Sadly, it’s going to take new leadership to turn this ship around. So, think before you vote and do all you can to make sure everyone you know does not vote for any democrat. They just don’t care and seem to be intentionally trying to burn the Country down. I’ll stop now but everyone needs to pull their heads out of the sand and say enough is enough.

And with that, have a great day, stay safe, get ready for the changing season and may God bless and watch over you.

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