Lately the days have been running together. Today though, it’s Friday! Thank God. We have a big game tonight and the cleaners are coming today after not being here for about a month. Last night I went to James for cigar night with six of the other guys. We’ve all been traveling so it was good for us all to get together. Meanwhile, James was being flown in by helicopter to a field in the middle of the English countryside as the road to the festival was so packed with 100,000 fans that he said it took over 2 hours to go 2 miles by car. That’s why the chopper.

Dixie took a fall in the middle of the night, night before last. She can’t remember when so we can only estimate. She’s fine but bruised and cut up a little. Lori was down there while I was at cigar night.

Ty has his second interview at Elway’s today, hope he gets the job. He’s coming up Sunday morning. Both boys will be coming up next weekend for Father’s Day, Lori said. Not sure what we’re going to do.

Big game tonight. Hope we crush them. We’re definitely the better team but that doesn’t always mean you win. Sunny with blue sky outside. Denver had thunderstorms and lightening and hail last night. My buddy Toby texted me pictures and it was all over the news.

Time to get moving and get to the gym before the cleaners come. Have a great day and God Bless and Go Nuggets.

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