Big time

Great game last night. We played like we usually play, which is like great team. We need to have the same attitude tomorrow night and put them down while they’re down. Tom and I were texting the whole game as not only did we need to beat the other team, we had to beat the referee’s too. We’re both glad the next game is tomorrow instead of a three day break.

Lori and I are off to Denver this morning. Hope to be back by 2 or 3 at the latest. Dixie had a rough day mentally. Her vitals were fine but she was making no sense when we talked to her and when Lori went to visit her at halftime of the game. We think she was having mini strokes which often happens at her age. Hopefully she’s more coherent today.

Ty has a second interview at Elway’s today. That’d be a good job for him. Meanwhile Jag solved a problem in his quantitative finance class that the professor couldn’t solve. The teacher gave the class a problem and Jag finished it before the professor tried to finish and solve it on the white board. He then told the class, “wait a minute, you can’t solve it this way”. In the meantime Jagger had already solved it his way and gave it to the professor who then told the class, “here’s how it can be solved, do it Jagger’s way”, amazing. Like something out of a movie. Jagger is really that smart and that’s a microcosm of who he is. He’s going to do some amazing things in his life. So will Ty, in his own creative way. I always joke that Ty will invent some life changing thing like flying skateboards and Jagger will run the company and they’ll make billions of dollars.

It’s a little foggy outside but nice and green everywhere. I think the rain is supposed to taper off next week. Time to get moving, have a great day, God Bless.

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