I’m sexy and I know it!

Ok, before you all think I’m crazy, I’m not talking about myself. You see today’s title is the title of a song that has been featured in a bunch of kids movies and the boys have been walking around doing their signature dances for a year or so while singing “I’m sexy and I know it”. Yesterday the misses caught the boys watching the songs video on YouTube. The problem with this is the lyrics include phrases like “feel the passion in my pants”! Needless to say, Mom freaked out and told the boys they can’t watch that.

This is just the tip of the iceberg around here. In the 4th grade class, there’s a kid who drops the “F” bomb everyday, boys and girls are switching boyfriend and girlfriends like some 60’s love commune and both boys knowledge of the birds and the bees is apparently way beyond their years. The only one around here who should be signing “I’m sexy and I know it”, is the misses. I don’t think any of the males in the house qualify.

Yesterday at noon I met up with the guys for another round of shooting sporting clays. I actually doubled my score from the previous time and seem to be getting into a groove. I also stopped by the DOW (department of wildlife) to get some advice on submitting this years hunting tags as it’s quite confusing. Of course the guy I went to see was in a staff meeting so another guy tried to help me out but I need t go back.

Those of you that don’t like my rants on politics are lucky as the government is signing all kinds of laws to keep track of every digital communication there is, on every single person in the Country, which will force me to stop. It’s sad when people have to even consider not sharing their opinions on politics as they’re fearful of ending up on some list. Well we reached that point. By next year, every single phone call, web search and email will be recorded and analyzed from every American. Very sad that the government is so paranoid of all of us and feels they need to be so intrusive into our lives. It was recently reported by a web site that has 25 million unique visitors that the govt. had re-routed every computer that went their through their site to an agency to track each person and get their information like their computers isp or digital signature. WOW. So, lucky you, I no longer feel comfortable criticizing you know who or the government. Sad times we’re living in. Each day our rights are eroding under the guise of protecting us. Very similar to the 1940’s in Germany if you know what I mean. (hmm, maybe I can continue to write if I choose my words carefully)

Spring Break starts today and runs for 9 days. It’s supposed to be almost 80 degrees today and continue for the next 5 days or so. Spring is here. Our anniversary is Sunday but it’ll probably be just another day. Today I need to run to Boulder and a few other places while the misses will be around the house. Her neck was doing a bit better until she decided to walk the dogs yesterday and with 200 pounds pulling on her, she was hurting by the end of the day. Not a good move.

Time to run, hope everyone is doing well. Take care and God Bless.

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