One more day

After today, the kids have one more day of school before their annual Spring Break. At 2:45 pm tomorrow they’ll be off school for 9 days. What to do, what to do. We were thinking of driving down to Arizona as Grandma has offered to let us go stay at her house in Scottsdale but I don’t think it’s going to happen. It’d be nice as it’s 85 degrees down there, but I have some things I have to do here to get the bills paid plus I just don’t know about the misses sitting in a car for 12 hours each way. Too bad we couldn’t fly or we’d head down Sunday for 4 days or so. Maybe we’ll have a windfall before the weekend.

The misses just came down and I’m just tired of writing these posts and really have nothing to say today. I have a few other more pressing things to worry about this morning so I can’t really focus on this, so here’s the misses.

Good morning.  Both dogs are at my feet and the big dog is pawing me to pet him…..hard to pet a big dog and type at the same time.  I had him lie down, so I can pet him with my foot.  I think I will try to walk them today…maybe up to Grandma’s.  The critters sure love the pasture.

I measured our friend’s office yesterday to come up with a story board of my design plan. I found some clearance furniture that would be great, but of course the furniture I really want to use is 3 times more expensive.  I have to remember it’s an office reception room and not a living room.  The carpet has to go…it’s very old and worn and the wallpaper is horrendous….hopefully it can be painted over in the future.  I am making two options for them…the really cool more expensive version and the one that will just take it up a few levels from the current condition.  We shall see.

The boys are excited for spring break.  We certainly need to have a plan for them if we are staying home. No idle boys around here. We will gladly take suggestions.

Yesterday, the youngest was telling me about how stars explode and that the sun is actually a star and it will explode and wipe out mankind.  He also told me not to worry because it will certainly not happen in our lifetime.  Good to know.

The oldest has been passing 2-4 music tests on his recorder a day and is now well above grade level.  He needs to pass 10 more to acquire an Alto recorder that is usually reserved for the latter part of 5th grade.  He is very proud of himself, as are we.

The kiddos are hungry, so I am off to make breakfast.

Have a great day and God Bless.



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