Home safe

Yesterday was more fun in the sun. It was also a big day as Ty took his first flight solo home to Denver. He took an Uber to the airport, explained why he didn’t have an ID to TSA, made it through security and made his flight home. His flight was at 6 so by the time he made it home to his dorm, it was 10:30.

Jag, Lori and I went to dinner with Brian and Laura. The restaurant, Lure, was really good, and really close, probably 3 minutes down the road.

Today we’ll hit the pool for a few hours and then maybe run down to Old Town and meet Robi and Robert for lunch. We’ll call them this morning. After that, we need to get Jag some new clothes for his internship this summer. Scottsdale or Arizona in general, has nicer stores and clothes than we do in Denver. Especially summer clothes!

It’s been a fun trip. The weather has been great and we had a great time as a family. Too bad Ty has to miss today but school comes first. Good news is the temperatures in Colorado are warming up Tuesday for the foreseeable future, at least 50 degrees or more at home, so they say.

Time to go, hope all’s well, bring on Spring! God Bless.

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