Fun in the sun!

What a day. We started out with a crappy breakfast at a place close by. It was Ty, Lori and I as Jagger slept in. Then we hit the pool from about 10 until 3. We all got some much needed sun! After that we hung out a bit before heading out to our anniversary dinner. I found this French bistro that was just like you were in France. It is owned by a couple from France and everything from the escargot to the sole was amazing. Lori and Jag had a cocktail before dinner and then we ordered a bottle of Montrachet for dinner. Ty, Lori and Jagger drank that although I had a sip as after all, it was Montrachet.

The cocktail hit Lori particularly hard. She had a great time as she was a little tipsy. It was super fun as when Mom has fun, we all have fun! We were home a little before 9 and that was the evening.

Today I think Ty is flying home as he has a quiz in Excel class he can’t miss tomorrow. I think we’ll put him on a plane around 2. He’ll have to talk his way through TSA as remember, he doesn’t have a physical drivers license. Meanwhile we have another daybed booked at the pool that I might switch to tomorrow as it’ll be warmer. That way we can hit Old Town after we drop Ty at the airport.

Tonight we’re going to dinner with Laura and Brian right by the hotel at Lure, a fish house. It’s 6:30 now as I wake up around 5:30 every morning which is 6:30 Colorado time. Lori looked especially beautiful last night. She always looks great but last night looked like she was out of a movie.

That’s it! A couple more days of fun in the sun! We love it! God Bless.

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