20 Days

That’s right, less than 3 weeks until Christmas, unbelievable. Soon it’ll be 2023 and we’ll all be driving flying cars!

Yesterday we just hung out. Kind of a good nothing day. Still trying to recoup. I feel better today and have another PT appointment at 8 this morning. They say snow tonight, we’ll see. I think Steamboat is going to get hammered. Right now there’s a bunch of avalanche warnings all around. Looks like we’re in the 40’s all week long.

Boys are well and busy. Only a couple weeks of school left this semester. Jag’s 21st birthday is in 12 days, Tommy’s in 2 weeks and mine 10 days after that.

I’m supposed to go to Aspen tomorrow but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. They’re going to get snow too which would make things more difficult.

Lori is still sleeping and it’s 6:25. Harley has had her breakfast and I had a cup of coffee. Time to get moving, make it a great week and enjoy the holidays, remember what it’s all about! If you’re not sure, Google is your friend, ha, God Bless! (That’s a clue) Go CU!

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