Big win!

Yesterday the girls went for massages while I watched football. Around 5 James came over to watch the Bronco game. Lori went and picked up Dixie and brought her up for dinner. She made us all a great dinner before the game. Jag and his buddies were at the game and had a blast. Turned out after a shaky start, to be a good win. People need to understand we have a new qb, new coach and a new system and it takes a bit to get on the same page. Our defense played great and in the end we prevailed. It wasn’t the prettiest, but in the end, no one remembers how you win but everyone remembers how you lose!

Michelle’s flight back home to California is at 7:51 so we need to take her to the airport around 7. It’s 6:10 now. Nice Fall weather this week with some rain Friday and Saturday. Cooler next week then as we’re heading into October.

I was headed to Denver today but will postpone the trip until tomorrow. Everything else is good. make it a great day and week and God Bless.

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