A big hike

Yesterday the girls took off for their hike a little before 9. Unknown to them, the hike would take 8 hours! Probably should have called it an expedition. Luckily, I sent them with some water. Lori said they were going to Booth Falls which is a little over an hour each way. I had no idea they were going all the way to the lake which was another 3 hours past the Falls and climbed to 14,000 feet in elevation. They should have taken food, extra clothes and other supplies if going that far but just took off with a little water and light jackets. Thankfully the weather was nice all day. They ran out of water before making it down and made it back to the car probably around 4;30. They were both sore and tired by the time they made it home. Today they’re getting much needed massages at 1.

Meanwhile I went to the gym, watched a bunch of college football and grilled up some bbq chicken. It was a nice relaxing, enjoyable day. I have a bit of a neck ache from lifting heavy weights at the gym but will be fine. Jag is going to the Bronco game tonight with some buddies, should be fun and hope we win.

The silly season is in full swing. Just about every ad that attacks someone running for congress, is a lie. Look for ads from the candidate telling you in their own words what they stand for, not what the other person is against. There is little to no integrity in politics anymore as they all try to manipulate the truth and spin the facts. Think for yourself!

Time to get moving. I’m headed back to the gym. Make it a great day and God Bless.

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