This morning I’m off to meet Matt in Rifle to get some veggies from the farm. He’s meeting me halfway, so I don’t have to drive all the way to Grand Junction. Much easier drive, only about 45 minutes.

Jag drove up last night arriving after we went to sleep. Ty’s last day of work was yesterday down at Color, which is the coffee shop he worked at. Still no word on school. What a shit show as he’s supposed to move in next Wednesday if he goes. If he doesn’t get a dorm, he might end up at Colorado Mountain College for a semester. News flash, that’s where I went for a year!

Lori is working away here at home. It was nice and cool last night. The full moon was bright in the sky and still sitting over the mountains to the east at 6 this morning. Hard to think of a better place to live.

Dixie was really confused yesterday. No need to go into it but she’s not in touch with reality these days. I saw a large coyote cross the road between my neighbor’s and our house. I yelled at him and he scurried off a little faster than he was moving. You can hear the pack of them howling at night from time to time.

Get ready for higher prices this Fall. They say inflation dropped last month which if you look at the numbers in a certain way, it did, by half a point. Problem is why? Gas prices dropped as less people can afford to drive, same with airline fares and rental cars but necessities like food and energy are way up. Don’t be fooled, but I am happy gas prices dropped a little.

The political season is heating up. Here we have a Senator who is running an ad of him fishing trying to look like a regular guy. He bought a one day fishing license to film the ad so I guess he really isn’t the big fly fisherman he professes to be in the ad. He also votes with Biden 98 to 100% of the time. No surprise though as Republicans do the same with their leadership. That’s the problem, no one votes against their party these days. Term limits now!

God Bless.

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