Last day of February. Hopefully the snow is starting to fade but they say March is the snowiest month of the year. A lot should melt in the next three days.

Ty’s doing ok. I think they’re going to give him a ticket for not yielding but we’ll see. They think he turned on a green light and not an arrow even though he and the other car said there was an arrow. Something with the timing on the light and the arrow timing out. He should not have spoken to the police at the accident site. We’ll see. In any case, he’ll be without a vehicle for some time.

Lori made it home safe. We went to see Dixie and took her a bunch of things Lori brought back from California. She remembered a bunch of stuff from photos Lori borught.

I need to get a few orders in today to close the month. Lori’s car is getting fixed, and we might go get it at noon or else it’ll be Thursday.

Putin is now talking nukes. That would not be good. Hope cooler heads prevail. Nuclear war ends the World as we know it. Pretty obvious. Time to go, God Bless.

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