In an hour at 6:30, Ty and I are off to Denver. Jag is meeting us around 10:30 or 11 when I get my haircut. Then we’ll all go to lunch. Should be home around 3 at the latest. Will be a long day for Harley.

Lori made it to California just fine. She did sit on the tarmac here for an hour while the deicer truck was broken.

Ukraine is a mess. The news just showed a bunch of pictures that have been on tv the past couple days debunking them as false and from years ago. One of the more popular ones supposedly shows a fuel depot being bombed. This picture is actually from China in 2019. Just goes to show you, do not believe everything you see on the news. Another purportedly shows Ukrainians praying in the snow. This too is false and from years ago. Yet I’m sure most people see something on tv and take it for being true without question.

Even though those images are false, you do need to keep your gas tanks full. Look, Putin is the same guy he was four years ago, the only thing that’s different is U.S. leadership. Say what you will about Trump, but one thing he didn’t do was show weakness around the World. China is sitting back watching. Also looks like Mitt Romney was right when he debated Obama and said Russia is the number one threat in the World, hmm. History has a way of correcting things.

James called yesterday on the way to the arena for the show. He was just checking in. Hope it was a good show. He has another week doing some vocals on the new album before he’s home. Marty is back from the Caribbean tomorrow. He’s been working on his boat.

Time to get moving. Looks like the 60’s are coming next week, thank God. Lori’s car is getting towed down to Denver tomorrow or Monday. They put it on a flatbed truck, they don’t actually tow cars anymore.

Time to move, have a great day, gas up and God Bless.

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