This morning at 7:30, Lori is off to Sacramento. Yesterday we closed on our refi. Russia has invaded Ukraine and now the news is telling us all Biden’s failings like supply shortages and record inflation, are due to this mess in Europe. The same news channels told us a week ago it was due to supply shortages and covid. What a joke.

Jag finally has the heat in his apartment fixed. We’re having lunch tomorrow when I go down for a haircut and a stop at the distributor. Lori has her girl’s lunch on Saturday and will be home Sunday.

We had another inch of snow and that looks to be about it. It’s all moved out now. The 8 to 12 inches was flat out wrong, thankfully. It’s been colder in Denver than up here. Sorry for them but good for us.

Time to get moving, 5:40am. Have a great weekend and Tuesday is March 1st! God Bless.

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