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Yesterday we were in Beaver Creek at our friends home for a wine tasting and what a remarkable home it is. It sleeps 21 easy and can handle more if needed. I could go on for hours about the house but take my word for it, it’s one of a kind.

Both boys were gone by 11am, the youngest to a birthday party and the oldest to a friends for some playtime. Wouldn’t you know it, the one day both boys were gone and the misses and I had to head up the hill for some work. The traffic was jammed packed coming down the hill from the moment we left until we were an hour up into the hills almost to Vail. It was the longest traffic jam we had ever seen anywhere. New York, Los Angeles, nothing compared. In fact, we hit the same traffic jam at 10pm on the way home as the ski traffic still wasn’t cleared out! I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. Imagine if some kind of disaster had happened in Denver or any major metropolitan area, and everyone was trying to get out of the city, you wouldn’t stand a chance. This was a 60 mile traffic jam for over 7 hours and just from skiers, unbelievable.

We (the misses and I) both have a super busy day. Me with lots and lots of work and the misses starts off with physical therapy and then she’s back to working on the Bocelli event. We’re committed to getting in some exercise sometime although I don’t know when.

Both boys are still sleeping and I’ll have to get them up in 10 minutes at 7am. It’s Monday morning and back to the grind. Tomorrow is Grandma (my Mom’s) birthday! Yea! I’m not sure what we’re doing. She said Uncle T asked her and she said, “oh I don’t know, probably nothing” so he said “ok” and just left. The misses pointed out that no one wants to plan their own birthday so I guess it’s up to us. So Grandma, Uncle T and Aunt B, the party is on for tomorrow at our house. We’ll give you details today.

Time to run, sorry for the short post but we kind of slept in. Hope everyone is doing well, give us a call. Hey Grandma Annette, does Aunt Serena read the blog? We were wondering. Take care and God Bless,

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