Busy busy

I barely had time to breathe yesterday. After the gym we were off to the store for some dress clothes and other assorted wardrobe upgrades that are long overdue. You see, the misses and I have lots of t-shirts and jeans but not a lot of dress clothes. I haven’t bought  a new pair of dress pants for years. Now the misses does have a few real real nice pieces in her closet but there’s always a need for an accessory or two to put some polish on her outfits. This can be as simple as a pair of “spanks” or as important as a pair of shoes. Anyhow, we’re all set to go for our upcoming event.

The rest of the day for me,  was spent working on numbers and organization of company data for 2012. Before I knew it, it was after 6pm. Today will be filled with much of the same as when I travel (like to NY) I get very little office work done and have to make it up on the weekend. Ah the joys of being self employed.

The boys tagged along and did pretty well for being pulled from clothes store to store. Once they arrived home, off they went to play. Later in the day their neighborhood friends came over and all four of them watched a movie which at least gave us 2 hours of peace. Soon it was 10pm and we all rushed off to bed.

Today the misses and I will head up the highway to Beaver Creek which is the exclusive part of Vail. We’ll be hosting a wine tasting for a friend from Houston who has a fabulous 15,000 square foot home in Bachelor Gulch. We do this every few years or so for him when he has a board meeting at his place. He has his own jet and usually flies in some great food like bbq from Texas or shrimp and crawfish from New Orleans. In any case, he’s a great guy and has always been very nice to us. We’ll take off around 3pm and should be home by 10.

The misses has had a headache for over two weeks now. It’s clearly stems from her neck and bad discs. Sometimes she does something that throws it out of whack and it just takes time to heal. I wish it would get better for her. She and the youngest are of course still sleeping.

We were talking last night about how few comments we get although Grandma Annette did chime in yesterday. It’s ok as we’ve resigned ourselves to the fact that we just won’t get a bunch of regular input from you all. Maybe we should have guest writers this year and let some of you write a bit sometime. I’m going to head off to the gym for a quick workout before everyone gets up. It’s 31 degrees and a bit windy this morning as I can hear it howling outside as I write. No musings on the color of the sky as whenever I’m writing it’s just black.

Hard to believe it’s almost February, Spring will be here before you know it. Time to start thinking about our garden.

Take care, have a great day (I think the Pro Bowl is on tv today!) and God Bless. Talk to you all tomorrow,

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