Last night Marty, Max, Jag, Ty and I had burgers on the grill. We also threw on some corn on the cob soaked in water. I had four baked potato’s in the oven and it was a good dinner. After dinner we were hanging out talking and somehow pick up lines came up. Now get this, when Ty was in Nebraska, turns out he said to his waitress at dinner, “I’d like the 8 ounce filet and a side of your phone number”! What? Are you kidding me? And guess what, he got the 23 year old waitresses number! Ha. We spent the next hour throwing around great pick up lines, fun guy time. How about, I lost my virginity, can I have yours! And my favorite (WARNING X-RATED), Fuck me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right!

Earlier in the day I went to the grocery store after dropping Ty at the skate park. When I came home Jag was tutoring Reese, the 13 year old daughter of Barbara, the real estate broker he works for. Before that, the big news of the day was I cleaned out my closet from top to bottom. I took things off every shelf, dusted it and then went through all the crap I had laying around. Amazing how much one can accumulate in 12 months. Today it’s my office. Need to reorg things for Dixie to come out.

Lori and Dixie had a pretty good day. It’s tough being 90 but they’re working through things best they can. Dixie is lucky to have a daughter like Lori who has literally been going out to see her every month for five years. Dixie is a good girl even though she’s a democrat. I think if she understood just what the democrat party stands for these days, even she’d change her stripes. It’s not easy on either of them right now but it’s all part of life. My mom always said, you do what you have to do!

Tomorrow I need to get a queen mattress and all the trimmings. Sounds like Thanksgiving but I mean sheets and stuff. Lori is getting doctor appointments and other details squared away. Not sure when she’s coming out, maybe later this week or maybe another week or more as we’re waiting on oxygen to be delivered. We’ll keep everyone posted. Annette, if you ever need to come out, give me a months notice, ha!

Oh, today my smoker gets delivered between 12 and 2! Of course Lori never reads the blog but she read Monday’s post and called saying “you bought a smoker”? And of course I proudly said, “yes I did”! Here’s the kicker, it’s basically a wood oven that you can even cook pizza on! It’s not really just a smoker. Can’t wait!

Well that’s it. As you can see (or read), life’s in full on in your face mode up here. You know the difference between cattle and bison or buffalo? When there’s a big storm cattle will run from it while bison will turn towards the storm and face it head on. Well we’re buffalo! So bring it on, God Bless.

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