A big week

Lots going on this week. Tons of stuff to do around here to get ready for Dixie to come visit. Meanwhile in California Lori and Dixie have even more to do to get ready to come. Jag has work, (he rolled in around 10:30 last night from Denver) and Ty is getting a job. On top of rearranging the house to accommodate Dix, I have a lot of work to do too. So there you have it. We all get old and it’s our duty as children to take care of our older parents, no matter what.

Yesterday I made a second round of ribs. They turned out better than the day before. I also cleaned every single baseboard on most of the main floor. I have the hallway to the garage and my office to go. I did such a good job on the floors I was dreading letting the dogs back in as I knew they’d mess it up with tons of hair. Mojo did let me sleep most of the night but did wake me at 5:44 am. He’s so skinny on his back end I don’t know how he can get up and down.

Marty and Max are coming over tonight for dinner as Max’s days changed from when he was coming back from his church trip. Think we’ll have burgers.

We also still have smoke in the air. They say it’s coming from New Mexico and Arizona and a little from up by Steamboat. Wish it’d clear out. That’s it, time to move. GB.

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