Down to Denver

Lori and I are headed down to pick up Ty and meet with a buddy on a restaurant concept for airports across the Country and in different parts of the World. Then we might go through Boulder and see Jag. We were going to the gym first but the dogs woke us up around 4:30.

Sunny today and for the next few days, whoo hoo. All blue sky outside right now. Some more good news, as of 11:36 last night, Jagger is officially initiated to Pi Sigma Epsilon, his fraternity. Super proud of him and the best thing is he’ll have friends for life as the bond of the frat keeps men together. Great job!

Now to the Country, unfortunately not good news. Have you ever seen such an anti-American administration? It seems all they want to do is tear us down, apologize for us and brand all of us racists. I’m so sick of and embarrassed for Joe Biden. Actually he doesn’t know what he’s doing or saying which is even worse. Take a look at the climate forum the U.S. called for. Here are all the World leaders, none wearing a mask except Joe and everyone has their Country’s flag behind them but us. What a joke.

The worst thing is all these other leaders know how weak we are and will be taking advantage of that. Say what you will about Trump but he would never allow the things that Joe does to happen. I mean does Joe think he’s going to catch the virus though the computer? Also what happened to “if you get vaccinated you don’t have to wear a mask anymore”? People are laughing at him and in turn laughing at the U.S. This will soon stop as people are just going to start ignoring him and whatever they, meaning the government says. God help us.

To be clear and put things in perspective, never forget that the Constitution and Bill of Rights does not give government “rights”. They guarantee the rights that every American is born with. The Constitution and Bill Of Rights bestow obligations upon the government to protect those rights. The reason that our republic is in so much trouble is because government believes it has rights.

Time to go as I don’t want to ruin my weekend thinking about this asshole who is no more than a puppet for the likes of George Soros and other globalists. Think for yourself, hope for the best but prepare for the worst. God Bless

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