Man, thank God it is Friday, and we mean it! Been a long week. Hell, been a long year and we’re only in April. Ty’s in Denver, Jag is almost through with Hell Week and the sun is coming. Looking outside it looks warm. It’s going to be a nice weekend with the next three days of temps in the 70’s. About time.

Lori has a doctor appointment today and I might need to run down to Denver to drop off a bunch of stuff that I’m selling. We are going down tomorrow so hopefully it can wait.

I’m really trying to skip politics but it’s out of control. The Dems want Washington D.C. to become a State even when the Constitution says it shouldn’t be, (even though the dems say it doesn’t say that), they’re pushing gun laws everywhere even though they don’t work, they want to mandate vaccines at colleges, and schools are pushing classes that tell all white kids they’re subconsciously racists. Thankfully parents and students are finally pushing back. All the Dems care about is control. By the way, Colorado proposed an assault rifle ban last night. We’re run by all dems right now here so this will probably pass meaning no more sales. Everyone that owns one is ok though as they’re grandfathered in but it’s only the first step. We as a Country just need to hold on to 2022 when the next elections are. Hopefully Joe doesn’t start a war with China or Russia before then. We’re supposedly upset over Taiwan and the Ukraine which is like China or Russia sticking their nose in us having a dispute with Puerto Rico. None of our business. Hold on, things are going to get bumpy. Thank God we live in the west and in the mountains.

That’s it, enjoy the weather, God Bless.

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