False Positives?

Could it be that all this talk of a second wave is more hype than reality? Many scientists are now debunking one model the govt. seems to have latched on to saying we’re in the middle of a second wave. In fact, most scientists say there is no second wave at all. Locally we look at the hospital beds and we’re not overwhelmed as the news says. Same is true in Grand Junction where my buddy’s sister is a nurse. They say everything that comes in is being labeled covid. Now I don’t doubt many of them are but then I read that over half of the tests are false positives. I can send a link if anyone is interested but let’s do a little survey. Who here knows someone hospitalized or at least very sick with covid? Anyone? We don’t and we run in a pretty big circle. Let us know. Also wtf was the cell phone alert yesterday? Seems like an overreaction as when we get those we think of a fire close by or a flood or something impending that is going to cause immediate harm. At least 70% of the people on the news agree with me. I guess in a week or so we’ll know more as millions of people are flying or travelling for Thanksgiving despite being told not to. Seems people will listen until it comes down to them personally wanting to do something, ha. Anyhow, this thing needs to just go away and we need to get back to normal.

The Bronco’s won! Whoo hoo! We have a light dusting of snow with more coming they say. We’ll see. It’s beginning to be that you cannot listen to or believe anything anyone says anymore. Pollsters, scientists, doctors, government officials, and yes now even weathermen have been getting things wrong. Now sportscasters too as the Bronco’s were not supposed to have any chance of winning. Just goes to show you, hmm.

Jag has three more days of class before break but Ty is off. I was taking Lori’s car down tomorrow for tires but will go on Saturday due to the snow storm coming. It better arrive. We’re off to the gym at 6:15 so that’s it. be well, be safe, wash your hands and avoid crowds as we’d better error on the side of caution but as I said above, every day it gets harder to believe the talking heads on tv. Wouldn’t it be nice if they are all wrong and there really is no second wave and this is all a big lie? For once, it’d be great for them to be wrong. Just saying. God Bless.

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