After a busy day in Frisco and Breckenridge with a little bit of normalcy outside of wearing a mask, we decided to call Jag and have him meet us at Matsu in Vail for sushi for dinner on the way home. Man is that place good. We tried a few new things like truffle sea bass that was incredible. Then we all headed home. Tables were spaced out as they were at like 25% capacity.

Today we’ll hang out around here but might go over to Silverthorne to see Marty and Melanie’s new house. Might also hit the gym again early this morning.

We found a fun Christmas store in Breckenridge and the town was packed. You could tell there were a lot of tourists, same in Vail. Guess everyone from the city is trying to get out of there, super. This coming week high season kicks in normally so we’ll see what happens. The ski areas are open but rumor has it Vail will close Monday. I find that hard to believe but we’ll see.

Dogs are out and have been fed. Last night Lee, our cousin, sent me a picture from his 9th birthday party. Now he’s 3 years older than I am so I must have been six. Check out this wild man,

Kind of a grainy picture but that’s me. We wore a lot of cut off jeans back in the day. Funny.

That’s it, have a great Sunday, be well, safe and stay healthy, God Bless.

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